E-Commerce Shopping Carts Features Costumers Need

As more and more people cling toward online shopping, they create demands for better and more efficient e-commerce shopping cart. And since they are the reason why you are doing business, giving them what they want should be your top priority. The following is a list of features that costumers may look for:

Payment options

Credit cards are often a preferred payment methods by most costumers. But those who are hesitant to give their personal information online choose alternative payments like checks, money orders, PayPal and Google Checkout. As an online merchant, always make sure to answer different types of costumers by carrying different types of payment systems.

Product Reviews

According to a CompUSA and iPerceptions study, 63% of costumers are more likely to buy from sites with product ratings and reviews. So no matter how well you promote your products online, if your site has no product review and rating, you cannot maximize your sale potential. That said; choose a shopping cart vendor that provides product rating.

Real-Time Inventory

Nothing is more annoying to costumers than going through a lengthy process of placing orders only to find out that the products they want to buy are out of stock. Real-time inventory assures the costumer that the products they see on their screen are available. Also, real-time inventory feature helps you as a merchant to monitor your stock and replenish if necessary.

Website Security

SSL or Secure Socket Layer data encryption assures costumers that their personal data are kept confidential. SSL certificate seal can be seen on the home page of your website.

Special Offers

Many merchants, especially those who have just stared their businesses online do not know that with a right shopping cart feature (coupon codes, order discounts, gift cards and free shipping), they can actually sell their products well.

Merchant who are looking for new costumers or trying to dispose old stocks can benefit from this feature.

Express Checkout

When costumers are ready to buy, make sure that you handle them as fast and as simple as possible. The lengthy process of purchasing items online can be frustrating and can drive customers away if you keep hold of them during checkout. Eliminate the risk of losing sure sales by using shopping cart express checkout option.

Order Tracking

Your responsibility to your costumers does not end when they checked-out and paid you for the products they have purchased. A good indication that you are a good merchant is the personal touch you provide to every costumer. Order tracking automatically sends order confirmation and shipping information via email. Costumers should be able to monitor where their purchased items are by logging into an account created during registration. Order tracking helps your business and your brand build reputation and costumer confidence.

Search and Browse

Costumers do not stay too long on a website if they cannot find the products they are looking for. Your main goal, therefore, is to give them the right tool that will let them search and browse from your list of products fast.

Costumer satisfaction is always the primary goal in any business. Online shopping is no different. Make sure that your costumers are always pleased by the service you provide through the help of these e-commerce shopping cart features.