Ecommerce: The Next Dimension

Ecommerce: The Next Dimension

We’ve all tired of those pesky telemarketers who only seem to know how to call during supper or when we’re trying to get the kids to bed. We see the sales staff coming at us if we simply drive through the parking lot of a car dealership and there are times when we can’t go into a store without someone trying to convince us that we really need something different – and more expensive. This is the multi-dimensional space known as salesmanship.

Why We Like The Web

When ecommerce began many wondered how it would succeed when you had no mechanism for an active sales staff. Experiences with purchases have always been about how an item is presented in salesmanship and how all our questions are answered and all of our objections are overruled through persuasive arguments.

For the most part businesses on the web have truly succeeded in allowing the customer to be in control of their online shopping experience.

There are a few online stores that have an instant chat window where a representative will visit with you immediately after a sale and may attempt to either provide something different, an extended warranty or other special offerings.

The truth is most online shoppers like shopping on line because they are the true decision makers. The consumer is not rushed into anything.

That doesn’t mean the ecommerce store is not about salesmanship, but the focal point of the transaction rests with the consumer.

If you’ve done a good job of working through product descriptions and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you will find that the quality of your content may have a direct relationship to sales volume.

Imagine being able to go into a store and look through everything without someone trying to supersize your shopping experience. Imagine being able to look at automobiles and compare rankings and options without a salesperson attempting to inflate one brand and sticking a pin in another. Imagine a place where you can find the color, size and brand you want without a special order.

This is the next dimension in shopping – and it happens online every minute of the day.

People truly are beginning to wonder why they put up with long line, parking issues, pushy sales associates and more when they can take control of their shopping experience and not worry about the other details that are always negatively associated with a shopping experience.

The world of ecommerce is here – the next dimension has been realized – shop on.